Types of Clothing You Should Get Rid Of Immediately

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By: Lisa Jv Rensburg


IMAGE/GIF#1 Everything That Is Torn or Stained:
Almost every piece of clothing that you own holds memory and a special place in your heart. But in some situations, you need to get rid of these clothing. Situations like when they are torn or have a nasty stain that just won’t go. If the torn area can be sewn or the stain is cleanable, then you can fix it and continue to style in different ways, but if the case can’t be fixed, then you need to get rid of it, so you can have more place in your closet and a will to buy more, which you can style according to the new trends.

#2 Clothes That Are Too Short:
Let’s admit it; all of us have a piece of clothing in our closet that is too short to fit us. Miniskirts or fitted dresses come into another category, but the ones that fit into the most inappropriate places should either be thrown away or should be given to someone that can fit the clothing properly. Keeping them will just occupy extra space in your closet while they won’t even be of any use.

IMAGE/GIF#3 All The Items That Be Donated To Charity:
Charity is one of the acts that make a person humble and helps others in need. The people, who are in utter need of proper clothing to save their bodies from the harsh weather, get their clothes from the charity centers. Clothes like the old sweater than you’ve worn too many times, or the pair of jeans that a little too tight for your waist now, can be easily donated to the charity, so that they can be distributed to the ones in need.

#4 Accessories or Clothes That Can Be Gifted:
Affording new gifts for everyone can get very expensive with all the rising prices and the extra taxes that you need to pay with them. To prevent putting a strain on your wallet, you can just gift the extra clothing items that you own. You never know if the items that aren’t the ones for you might just look perfect on someone else. You can just wrap them up or put them in a bag and gift to someone, it does not have to be necessarily a gift for some special occasion, you can just gift them whenever you want. This will not only make new space in your closet, but it will also make the other person feel special.

IMAGE/GIF#5 Shoes That Do Not Fit:
Wearing shoes that do not fit you anymore will just end up hurting your feet with tons of unwanted bruises. You should just get rid of the shoes that don’t fit, to charities or the people in need. Keeping something that is of no use will fill up the much need space in your closet. You don’t necessarily have to throw them away; you can even give them to your younger siblings so that they rock them in their very own special day.

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