Pick the right boots for your body type!

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Buying shoes should not be a nightmare. By knowing which style will suit you best, you will walk with confidence and you will look great too!
Short, curvy, tall or thin - Ankle Length Boots.
Ankle boots are so versatile and practical as they can be worn with any outfit for any occasion. Ankle boots suit different body types, and will compliment your body whether you are short and curvy, tall and thin, or tall and curvy. 
Outfit tip: If you are short and thin, pair them with same coloir pants, jeans, leggings or heels to create the illusion of longer legs.
We recommend: 
Our Abir / Ahlam Boot 
Curvy body- Knee Length Boots.
This is the perfect type of boot for woman with a curvy body. It is especially flattering on a pear shaped body. The knee-high boots will help you have longer and slimmer looking legs.
Outfit tip: you can wear knee high heeled boots for a classic look, and it will look perfect with a knee length dress or skirt, or you can wear knee high flat boots with your jeans tucked in for a casual look.
We recommend:
Our Huda / Route66 / Izzy 
Short / Tall/ Thin/ Rectangular shape- Calf Length Boots
Boots for rectangular women, whether you are short and thin, or tall and thin, these boots will add some volume to your calves and ankles, which will give your body shape sexy curvy calves.
Outfit tip: Try wearing heeled calf length boots for more of a feminine look and it will help give you some extra length if you are short.
We recommend:

Our Rainer / Route66 / Rae


 Tall / Thin- Over the Knee Boots


These boots are recommended for tall, thin women, who are looking for an edgy and sexy look. Avoid these boots if you are short as it will make yourself appear shorter.

Outfit tip: The most common way to wear your over-the-knees is with a good pair of skinny jeans. Update the look with a cream-colored sweater or top and contrasting black boots on bottom.

We recommend:

Our Emmaline / Ilana / Belle

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