How to cover your belly bulge!

How To Cover Your Belly Bulge

Although it’s 2020 and the “love yourself” movement is going strong and gaining momentum, a lot of us still struggle with our body image. How we look, how to dress, our body size, these are all some of the sensitive spots that often become a cause of low self-esteem for a lot of us. A few additional pounds around the waistline is an expected result of age, hormonal changes, genes, or an imbalanced diet. Despite this natural occurrence, excess fat on the stomach area is a cause of embarrassment for many. While a bit of extra belly fat is nothing to be ashamed of if you feel insecure about your waistline, here are a few tips and tricks for a quick fix that’ll help you cover up your belly bulge.

#1 Choose Clothes That Flatter Your Figure:

Avoid clothes that cling to areas of your body that you want to draw attention away from. Extremely form-fitting garments can draw undesired attention to your belly bulge. Instead, lean towards stretchy fabrics that fit your form nicely but give you room to breathe and are forgiving on your silhouette. Fabrics like satin and jersey will cling to the body and be harsh on your form, while fabrics such as cotton tend to make for more comfortable and relaxed form wear. Top with a draping or flowing effect can also help draw attention away from undesirable areas of the body.

#2 Find Waist Cinching Designs:

Empire waists and A-line tops and dresses are the way to go for a classy and relaxed look that will give you room to breathe while giving the effect of a trim waist. Empire fits scrunch at the highest and slimmest part of your waist and accentuates it while flaring out, thus relaxing your form. Thankfully there are many sites out there that can cater to your needs from the comfort of your home such as

Dresses such as the “White Glaze High Low Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress” will have a trimming effect on the waist, while the off the shoulder top half will draw attention to your shoulders, and away from the waistline. 

#3 Accentuate your Best Features:

Play on your strongest points. Proud of your cleavage? Choose a v necked top like the “Forever Tonight Button Down Tie Top" to draw attention to it. Got beautiful arms? Wear sleeveless tops such as the “One More Night” to draw the attention to your shoulders and top half.

#4 Break Out The Heels:

Heels are an instant fix and a no brainer. They improve your posture, making you stand up straighter as soon as you put them on, and elongate your legs, evening out your body. Whether you’re going for pencil heels or wedges like the “Bora Bora Wedge - Miss Black”, they’re a worthy sacrifice.

With these tips and tricks, you will be able to conceal your belly bulge efficiently and look smart and polished in an instant.

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