4 Reasons to Wear a Tankini Swimsuit

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4 Reasons to Wear a Tankini Swimsuit
By: Lexie Matthews


One of our most popular styles of swimsuit, and the swimsuit that launched Doll Me Up Fashion’s success in swimwear sales is the tankini. What is a tankini you may ask, well it is a two piece swimsuit with top and a bottom - like a bikini - but with a tank top. There are many benefits to wearing a tankini, and here we will list a few of them and also show you a few various styles of tankini that may appeal to your preference and sense of style.

IMAGE/GIF#1 Coverage!
The tankini is a great swimsuit choice for any woman, no matter her age, shape or size. Sometimes a one-piece can feel too restricting, and often women find it difficult to find a one-piece that fits their shape as well as the length of their body. This can cause discomfort in the perineal region, the dreaded wedgie and at times an embarrassing nip-slip. The tankini, being a two piece does away with these issues as it offers the midriff and bust coverage of a one-piece swimsuit without the length of your body being a factor to consider in terms of comfort and fit. Loose fit tankini tops are great for disguising a belly or a baby bump and stretch marks. Many of our tankini swimsuits are available with triangular briefs, boy shorts or skort bottoms. Skorts and boy shorts offer added bottom coverage to make you feel comfortable, confident and carefree when taking a trip to the beach or public pool area!

IMAGE/GIF #2 Flattering on Plus Size Figures!
Many women often fall into a trap when they feel they do not fit the “beauty” standards we see on the cover of magazines. Many may choose to never slip into a swimsuit or never visit places where a swimsuit is the standard dress code. With the tankini there is no reason why you should deprive yourself of some well deserved fun in the sun or wear a pair of shorts and an oversized t-shirt to the beach. The tankini swimsuit, we have found, is super flattering on plus size figures. And we promise the tankini will not only accentuate and flatter your beautiful curves, but it will improve and lift your confidence and self esteem to new heights! Take a look at our Plus Size Ambassador, Semakaleng. Doesn’t she look absolutely FABULOUS in her tankini swimsuit!

IMAGE/GIF#3 Multifunctional & Adjustable!
Now, it may be a swimsuit but the tankini is great for outdoor summer games and sports. Some women may even choose to wear a tankini top when visiting the gym or going for a jog. As mentioned above in regard to coverage, the tankini won’t betray your comfort and modesty during activities. Our swimsuit fabric is super absorbent and quick drying making it perfect for physical activities. Heck, you could even wear it to lounge around the house on hot summer days. We won’t tell anyone it’s actually a swimsuit. Many of our tankini tops have adjustable straps, soft bust padding and elasticated balconette inners for optimum comfort and support.

IMAGE/GIF#4 Stylish & Trendy!
The tankini combines sporty fashion functionality with a striking feminine aesthetic. Doll Me Up Fashion has a wide range of tankini swimsuits to choose from in an array of styles, colours, prints, fabrics, cuts and sizes. Which are all relevant to the current northern hemisphere fashion trends. Sizes range from Small (30-32) to XXX-Large (46). No matter what your preferences are, we guarantee we have something for you. This season we recommend vibrant tropical colours and prints if you are wanting to make a splash.

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